First Project: Guest Room Repainting



Moving day has come and is long since gone. Fortunately we’re settled in to the point that the house is very comfortable for us, but there’s still a few boxes here and there that we need to unpack. Since moving in, we’ve already grabbed some paint chips at Lowe’s to pick out colors for the rooms we’ve already decided to repaint.

We even completed the first painting project over the long weekend! Obviously our pepto pink room – now to be known as the Guest Room – had to go, so it was first on our list. After 2 coats of primer, and only one coat (thankfully!) of our final color choice, we were all through painting. We decided to paint the room the same aqua blue I’ve thought of for our family room in the basement. This would give us a chance to see what it looks like on the wall and decide how we like it before painting it in a rather large room.

Here are the results…



We really like the way the blue looks and have decided to use it in the family room just outside of the guest room. This room is still not finished yet, I’d love to see the trim and doors painted white, but that will have to wait for a bit. But I’ll definitely be painting the dresser and night stand in there sometime this winter. Also, we’ll be on the look out for a table lamp to go on the night stand, some artwork for the walls, and my husband has decided we need a different comforter to help add some contrast to the room.

That’s it for now, it’s a start at least and I know we’ll have more, hopefully not too long for, now.


Moving Day!


Fantastic news… we got the keys to our house tonight… 3 days early! We are thrilled! We closed on the house last Thursday and had to move out of the house we sold on Friday. We were originally told that our sellers were moving out the following Tuesday, leaving that Wednesday as our moving in date. Then our wonderful (wonderful!) Realtor called us late this afternoon to tell us the sellers have moved out early and we can have the keys already!

So after moving all our things into 3 different storage units and taking our 3 cats to a kennel to be boarded (poor kitties!), we got to turn right around, load our things back into a moving truck and unload it all again tomorrow. We also got to walk through the house this evening while it was empty, it was so nice to see it this way and make it easier for us to visualize where our furniture will sit.

So while all this shuffling things around has made for a busy and tiring weekend, we’re obviously very thrilled to finally be moving into our new home, and saving some money on the hotel and cat boarding. Some recuperation time would be fantastic, but alas it’s back to work on Monday. Fortunately we’ve got a hot tub to take a relaxing soak in if we need a few minutes to relax. 🙂

New pictures to come soon! I promise they will be better than the first batch because I’ll take these myself instead of borrowing from the property listing.

Looking for some color ideas?




In the last couple of weeks, I’ve discovered this great blog filled with tons of color palates. Seriously, you’d be surprised all the combinations on there, there has to be something for everyone because there’s just so much! Design Seeds is the blog of Jessica, who is so passionate about color that she doesn’t just blog about it, her career as a designer revolves around it.





I’ve been frequenting her blog looking for ideas to carry out in the new house. Her palates are fabulous. Honest! I’m not one for pink, except for the occasional pink flowers in the yard, but I’ve been noticing myself gravitating to some her palates with various shades of pink in them. I refuse to admit that maybe I want to incorporate some pink into our house, and I don’t even want to think how difficult it would be to convince my husband consider pink in our palate.




As you can see from the images from Design Seeds, not all of her palates contain pink. Not to mention, some of her images look quite delicious! For those of you who are looking for some palates around certain colors, the palette search page allows you to select the color you want and see any palette that contains the color. It also has some rather fun palettes inspired by the seasons.

My first decor idea


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Even though this is my “first idea” I’m pretty certain it won’t be our first project after we’ve settled into our new home. However, I’m definitely very excited about the prospect of this idea. And yes, it’s still an idea at this point and isn’t necessarily what we’ll end up doing.

I have a crush on a color scheme, and I would absolutely love to apply it to one of our

rooms. The scheme is aqua and red, as shown in the picture. There’s just something about this combination of colors that I can’t stop thinking about. But I feel as though these colors together are perhaps a bit trendy at the moment. I’m trying to avoid using a lot of trendy color schemes in the house because I don’t want to be our generation’s equivalent to someone who chose avocado green appliances in the 1970s. So I’m devising a way to be able use this color scheme in our basement family room without falling into that category. My plan is to use a subtle aqua (or a very pale blue) as the more dominant color along with white. I will use red around the room through accent pillows, wall decor, and possibly through painting some second-hand tables found at garage sales or Goodwill. This way, if the color scheme does become outdated, or we get tired of it, a few simple changes will remove the red from the room.

Since our basement family room has wainscoting, I’d like to paint it much like the picture to the left. I think it will give the room a light, calming feeling and the red accents will add some points of interest. In addition to the new paint job, I hope to get some neutral toned couches so they compliment, but don’t detract from the aqua and red color scheme.

Of all the decor ideas we’ve talked about for the new house, this one is definitely the most exciting for me. I also look forward to some DIY projects for wall decor. I haven’t had many DIY projects since our wedding planning days and I really have missed having some exciting things to work on.

Allow myself to introduce my… house!


As I promised in my last post, I’ll take a few minutes to introduce our new house. By the way, kudos to any of you who recall what movie I “borrowed” the title of this post from, I promise you my English skills are not that bad!

The basic stats of our house… it was built in 1997, it’s a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom ranch which includes a walkout basement that is half-finished already. If I recall correctly, it’s just short of 2300 sq ft if you include the finished part of the basement

Obviously this is the front of the house. It’s on a very pretty wooded lot, but unfortunately in this shot it hides the front of the house. A little tree trimming will be necessary after we move in.



The property has been very nicely landscaped and the backyard includes a deck and a patio. We’re very excited to have a nice place to enjoy a meal outside. I haven’t done that regularly since I lived at home with my parents about 10 years ago!


The living room is a nice large room with a small dining room just behind where this photo was taken. The vaulted ceiling gives this room an even larger feel.



The house has a really pretty eat in kitchen. The previous owners did some updates not long ago including new stainless steel appliances and new flooring. The kitchen may ending up being the only room in the house we don’t making any changes in.


A good chunk of the basement has already been finished. You can see the rather large family room in this photo. The basement also includes one of the bathrooms, a bedroom, some storage area, and another large partially finished space.


This is the bedroom in the basement. I wasn’t kidding about the pink walls. What you don’t see is the even darker pink accent wall. This room is high on our to-do list after we move in!



There really isn’t a decent picture of the master bedroom. This one at least shows the most since you can see into the bathroom as well. The remaining two bedrooms are similar to each other and are painted a neutral color. I’ll post more pictures of those rooms in the future. I plan to take lots photos on moving day before we start moving everything into the house to better see the rooms.

I’ll continue to share more photos and details about the rooms of the house in future posts. I also will be sharing our ideas for decorating the rooms and plan to follow through the process from first thoughts and ideas, to actual plans and final outcome of the rooms.

The countdown has begun…

Welcome to Creating Decor! As my first blog post, I’d like to share a bit about myself and the reason for my blog. I’m married to a wonderful guy and we just recently accepted an offer on our house! We promptly turned around and made an offer on another house so we can live closer to work. In all we have 30 days to close on two houses.  Eeeek, talk about stressful!

I figured it would be fun to document our move through a blog. Oh, and so my mom can keep an eye on what we’re up to. Hi Mom! The house we’re moving into is in really nice shape, it’s a great house actually. The only downfall to it, is it has a few things that we’d like to change decor wise. I mean, not everyone likes bedrooms that have been painted Pepto Pink! In addition to various painting projects, there are several fixtures around the house that we’d like to update and change to something more in line with our taste.

Not only will we be doing a lot of painting projects, but we also have several rooms that we want to furnish and of course decorate! I’m really excited to take on some DIY projects to make some things to accent our rooms. So essentially, I’ll be sharing ideas for our decor projects and much more on this blog.

Stay tuned for an introduction to the new house!